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      Allright, so at the moment of writing this blog I can let you all know that I basically fucked up. I still had 50$ on my 3 year old pokerstars account and decided I was going to make big money, however practice proved me wrong :f_biggrin:

      Lots has changed on pokerstars and I was getting my ass kicked which brought me to the conclusion that my previous strategy was not really doing the job anymore. Currently I'm left with 2.5$ and I'm going to create 300$ out of it (not sure how long it will take me since I'm pretty busy).

      To help me remind to this and to make sure that I will use a proper strategy I'll try to post 3 hands every week where I am not sure if I did the right move together with a weekly update of my bankroll. I'm going to play 0.50$ SNG's so either its going to be a very short blog or I'll make it to the 300$! I have no such software as hold em manager and what I basically do is during every game I label every player as Loose, passive, calling station, weak player or just decent player and I'll adjust my playstyle accordingly.

      I read most of the SNG strategy guides on PS but it did not work for me (or I applied it incorrectly), I noted I got a lot of calls where I just have a very minor edge during the mid game which eventually made me lose my money.

      The strategy I'm going to use is listed over here: [Edited by Lazza61]

      Wish me luck and feel free to post any feedback!

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