My name is Danel and I´m from well-known country called Estonia. Who doesn´t know where it is, then it´s next to Russia and below Finland. I´m 28 and do some sports as a hobby, like hitting the gym and playing discgolf etc.

I start with poker several years ago, at first playing for fun and at some point didn´t want to go to school or go to work, because it seemed easier to earn some dollars with poker. So I did for years, playing MTTs, not so high level though. 2 years ago I discovered cashgames, and first year was super, made a good stable living without huge swings. Started out at NL25 and been in stakes NL25-NL200. I beat NL25 fullring for 10bb/100 for about 250k + hands, and NL50 6max about 8bb/100 for 200k+ hands. At NL100 and NL200 I am slightly profitable. Fortunately, I don´t have any graphs to post here, because my harddrive crushed and I lost all the data.

Last couple of months have been pretty hard for mindset and have been breaking even. The whole year is like standing in one point and not moving in right direction. So I am going to take some coaching and give myself last chance to squeeze some money out of poker and to do the right things.


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Thanks for reading!