I have a new idee how 888poker should make the JP system more attractive for everyone and not only for 1 player. What if the one who hits the Jackpot will get like 60%-70% and everyother player at that time who post the Jackpot will get also a piece of it?Imagine like the first will get 50k ( which is still a lot of money) and other JP players will get 1k or so . Imagine 30-40 recreational players with 1k in their account, there will be more tables more rake and less bumhunting ! Its a win/win situation! Its also just unfair for those who post it day by day and never win something ! I mean this is just good for everyone , those who win a piece of it probably will play also MTT´s /SNGs and other games!Now when the JP is that small we will have to wait 2 Weeks to have some decent action!What do you think ?

It can´t be that hard to change the system.