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Local sng $EV considerations

    • Saka000
      Joined: 21.07.2010 Posts: 136
      Hello to all,
      There was quite a long time when I were last time post a thread or anything at PS :s_drink:

      So here is the deal,
      Local sng full of loose passive and some of them okey thinking players.

      Buy in 10$ (you get 5k + 2k chips for coming before starting or registering in first level) ,rebuy 10$ (5k chips) ,add on (1add on-10k , 2add ons 20k and for 3add ons you get 30k chips).

      So my question is what is most $EV decision to play these? I know that most chipEV is to buy in and take 3 add ons but I am considering what is most $EV because I have like 400$ to play these only.

      Bassically I am thinking :
      1.Buy in early and take 2k to add on and at the break take only 1 add on. If I lose my buy in stack I go home.


      2.Buy in at the break and take 1 add on.

      Trick is in the rake. Rake is 5$ from 10$ buy in and they do not take rake from additional rebuys or add ons.

      P.S. Stucture is okey,no skipping blinds,blind level after breat 500/1000-100

      Thanks to all cheers :)
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