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Machete don't fold. Also #Boobs.

    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      Hello, i’m Kuba Zaszywacz. I’m 26 years old, single, sexy, polish, future millionaire.

      Since childhood I enjoyed various kinds of sports. Maybe not chess, but i never said ‘no’ to physical activity. I always had a thing for difficult, challenging and extreme things. Basically the more dangerous, the better.

      Thank god i can’t afford off-road motorbike because i’d make GTA come to life.

      I’ve never been fat, never smoked, never had a thing for alcohol. And let’s be honest – nobody cares about that… yet if i would say “I’ve been fat, i smoked pack of cigarettes a day and I’m ex-alcoholic” you would applaud and say things like ‘good for you’, ‘congratulations’ etc.
      Yeah, huge achievement… somebody started to eat only as much, as he needs to… (If you don’t agree – I don’t care.)

      I also love to drive. Pretty sure I have petrol instead of blood.

      Lately i’m into crossfit. My friend persuade me to check it out over a year ago and i’ve been doing it since then – five days in a week. It’s weird because i never wished to be strong or muscular, never understood the point of going to gym and doing bench-press all day long… yet crossfit is something i might do everyday.

      I used to watch a lot of movies, now i’m more into TV Shows. I probably waste too much time on them, so i’m trying to quit some of them. (Remember ‘Quit smoking’ part? :D )
      It’s not easy though, because i’m always curious what will happen and how screenwriters will decide to end it.

      My poker career started in late 2012… earlier i’ve been playing NL2 casually, but i think it was September when i finally got a grip of it and crushed NL2, then NL4 in September, NL10 in November and NL25 in December. Every stake in ~40k hands and on FullRing tables.
      NL50 didn’t go well – I had a lot of work in school, so i didn’t try much to fix my play. Some time later i switched to SH tables, got to NL50 and since then been b/e, rakeback pro. This year goes terrible, and I’m not even b/e anymore.

      I need huge changes in my life. I got comfortable with my life, and that sucks. If you get comfortable, you stop changing things. If you stop changing things you don’t improve.

      Well i considered different options, like spending half my bankroll on coaching, study groups, learning on my own. I started from last one.
      Quickly I realized it’s too much things to consider in gameplay and that i’ll just take my leaks and build my new strategies based on them. Or i’ll fix one thing by messing up two more. Study groups have same problem, if there are no good players, they create more leaks than they can fix.
      So i looked for offers and made a quick decision.... : Fuck it, I’m in.

      If you’re here only for #Boobs:

      I hope this gives you a good idea what to expect in this blog.

      Bonus info: I wanted to call this blog „Because F*** you – that’s why.” but it might get deleted because of profanity.
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    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      Ok, so i can tell that i practicly started two days ago.

      I got my first advices, first assignments etc.

      What i was told to do in form of ten commandments is my personal favourite so far:

      I also got advices that i strongly disagree with… I’m almost sure i can do little things better… So what i’m going to do?
      Well… shut up and do what i’m told. Because **** it, i suck anyway. Maybe there’s a bigger picture that i miss. Maybe i was doing something else wrong.

      I don’t even care now. I’m open to any suggestions, and i’ll be happy for once when i can enjoy not thinking on my own. :D

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaad boobs:
    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      Before i started playing poker i’ve set one ultimate rule:
      “Never use any money that didn’t come form poker sources to play.”

      Eg. If i loose all my bankroll the only way i can continue playing is by playing freerolls and building new bankroll from zero, stacking from other people or starting capitals from poker sites.

      Now i’m kinda bending this rule, because i’m investing my savings in new monitor and new chair. I’m justyfing myself by saying “I’m not using my pc only for poker…”. My shopping list was much longer, so i can call last week a shopping spree.

      I’ve been reading reviews and opinions, i went to see those things with my own eyes… days gone by so fast I almost can’t believe it’s already been a week since last post. But i bought most of my list. Still can’t decide about chair. DXRacer looks and feels good, but i’m still not convinced that it’s a best choice for that price.

      I have chronic lower back pain, so i feel that’s most important choice i have to make.
      Any ideas from you guys, to confuse me even more?

      Also i’ve set few goals for this week that have to become my weekly minimum.

      1. Wake up everyday on scheduled time. No more “i don’t feel well, i’ll sleep for another 1,5h” or “i’ll just lie down for 5 more minutes”.
      2. Go to training and stretch afterwards at least three times a week.
      3. Work (plaing+every off-table analysis) at least six hours a day, six days a week.

    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      I've been doing some calculations in Allin Expert - few interesting things learned.

      I wanted to paste results here, but 2+2 does not support HTML export from HM2.
      Also i'm too lazy to search again for those hands and then replace them after copy-pasting my post.

      When i finish rest of my marked hands i'll put screenshot or something.

      Consolation prize:
    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      Terrible week.
      Got sick, was barely able to play.
      When i did play i got crushed.

      Good news is i got through everything i had to do with preflop play, so i can finally move to some real learning! :)

    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      Ok, little summary of my Allin Expert calculations:

      When calling, effective stack 100bb:
      Thumb rule is to call a bit tighter than villain is shoving.

      3 folds, Hero Raise 2bb, SB Raise 8bb, BB fold, Hero Raise 20bb, SB raise 100bb (all in)

      Pot Size: 121 | Call Amount: 80 | Odds: 1.51:1

      His Range: TT+,AKs,AKo
      Call: JJ+,AKs,AKo

      interestingly, if he shoves also 99 and AQ out calling range extends only by TT:

      His Range: 99+,AQs+,AQo+
      Call: TT+,AKs,AKo

      If villain uses smaller 3bet sizing, he gives us worse odds after shove:

      3 folds, Hero Raise 2bb, SB Raise 6bb, BB fold, Hero Raise 15bb, SB raise 100bb (all in)

      Pot Size: 116 | Call Amount: 85 | Odds: 1.36:1

      His Range: TT+,AKs,AKo
      Call: JJ+,AKs !

      Even if we increase dead money in pot:

      Hero Raise 3bb, CO fold, BTN Call 3bb, SB Raise 14bb, BB fold, Hero Raise 30bb, BTN fold, SB raise 100bb (all in)

      Pot Size: 134 | Call Amount: 70 | Odds: 1.91:1

      His Range: TT+,AKs,AKo
      Call: JJ+,AQs+,AKo

      His Range: JJ+,AKs,AKo
      Call: JJ+,AKs,AKo

      Vs MSS 4bet-shove:
      it's pretty much the same as vs 100bb 5bet-shove
      3 folds, BTN Raise 2bb, Hero Raise 7bb, BB fold, BTN Raise 40bb (all in)

      Pot Size: 48 | Call Amount: 33 | Odds: 1.45:1

      His Range: TT+,AKs,AKo
      Call: JJ+,AKs

      If he opens with 3bb:

      3 folds, BTN Raise 3bb, Hero Raise 10bb, BB fold, BTN Raise 40bb (all in)

      Pot Size: 51 | Call Amount: 30 | Odds: 1.7:1

      His Range: TT+,AKs,AKo
      Call: JJ+,AKs,AKo

      Shoving vs 4bet, 100bb effective stack:

      3 fold, BTN Raise 2bb, Hero Raise 8bb, BB fold, BTN Raise 20bb, Hero?

      Pot Size: 29 | Call Amount: 12 | Shove Amount: 80
      His Calling Range: TT+,AKs,AKo

      Here everything depends on villain Fold to 5Bet.
      TT+AK = 46 combos

      If we give him 48 bluff combos (he will fold 51%):
      Shove: TT+,88-66,44,ATs+,A4s-A3s,KJs+,QJs,AQo+ (8,6%)

      If we give him 56 bluff combos (he will fold 55%):
      Shove: 22+,A2s+,KTs+,Q8s+,JTs,AJo+,KQo,QJo (16,4%)

      If we give him 36 bluff combos (he will fold 44%):
      Shove: JJ+,AQs+,AKo (3,3%)

      I'm aware that these calculations are for 3 different 4bet range, but the pattern always looks the same:

      If opponent folds to 5Bet 0% – you can profitable shove only around 33% of his calling range.
      If opponent folds to 5Bet 45% and less – you have to adapt by shoving tighter range than his call range.
      If opponent folds to 5Bet between 47 and 53% – you can shove as wide as he calls.
      If opponent folds to 5Bet 55% and more – you can adapt by shoving a bit wider than he calls.
      If opponent folds to 5Bet more than 63% – you could shove around 50% of all hands, because you need only ~25% equity to make it break even. So basicly everything you did 3 bet with.

    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      I’ve been doing terrible lately.

      Every session some ridiculous bad beats and coolers + running 15 BI under EV.

      My mindset gone down the drain…

      Well… this **** stops right there.

      I’m taking a short brake from playing.
      This weekend i’m reviewing database and marking hands i had problem with.
      I’m recording my review of most difficult hands for Gordon.
      While i wait for his opinion, I’m going back to NL 10.

      And as always, thank you for watching:
    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      Been playing with UhlvarEquity (Like equilab, but you have to guess equity) today.

      Turns out i’m not very good at hand vs hand equity, average error 6,5% :/

      It’s not quite “real life situations” but i guess you have to learn hand vs hand spots to improve your hand vs range equity knowledge.

      Also i learned that i overcomplicated my implied odds calulations (which made them impossible to do during play) and my “feeling” also was terrible.

      So… just fucking do it. Again, and again, and again…

    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      December was a pretty s#itty month.

      Unfortunately not in terms of poker.

      Because of that for christmas i got e-mails from Gordon – he was sending them to me weekly, but because of some bug i got three at once (great timing btw.) . Aaaaaand he was pissed.

      He was really pissed because of amount of hours i put in playing. And well… i can’t blame him. It really did look like i’m doing nothing. Even when i did manage to play, my mind was wandering around any my play was average at best…

      But looks like it’s all good now, my schedule will be empty again, and i’ll be able to put the amount of work i want to. So I’m optimistic.

      Too bad i had to leave for few days. Got back today, with another problem. (More on that soon)

      I’m also really motivated. These events im my life motivated me to do two things:

      1. Work out, to maintain health.
      2. Work my ass off, to have so much money i won’t need to use public healthcare never again in my life.

      My results in December don’t look great, but only last few thousands hands are played after Gordon’s review of my video.

      Btw. Whole my life of playing i thought that check-calling with 2nd pair as PFR is the standard line. Couldn’t be more wrong. :D

      Late gift for you guys:
    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      First i’m going to complain.

      Before christmas i bought new smartphone on “ebay”.
      I checked guy’s account (ha had it for 10 years), all comments (all positive), his adress (in google maps – it exists), googled his bank account… everything was perfect. Yet he was still a scammer. xD

      Fuck My Life. Had to waste 3 hours on collecting set of documents, going to presinct and giving my statements. Now i’ll waste another by filling forms to get my money back from “buyers protection program”. :D

      If you thought i’m paranoid by checking so much before sending money to a guy…. well it happend to me before 3 or 4 years ago. I “bought” Playstation 3.
      Yeah… I’m that lucky.

      As to new year… i spend whole first day in bed with agonizing pain in my stomach.
      I got better on January 3rd. Still didn’t go to doctor so i have no idea what it was. (Didn’t drink much, ate same as everyone) Maybe it was just too much stress from December.

      As it comes to poker...
      Finally my volume gets in shape, been doing 5 hours a day. Hope to keep it.

      To do this week:
      -Record live session.
      -Record hand review.
      -Play 40 hours.

      Let’s finally make some real progress!
    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      Last week tasks:

      -Record live session. DONE
      -Record hand review. DONE
      -Play 40 hours. FAILED 32/40

      Turns out 40h a week is a lot… :/
      It’s 6h40m x 6 days. When you add preparation to session, breaks, eating and times when there is just no good tables it fills the whole day.

      Also i need to improve my diet, i see that my meals start to change from “healthy” to “quickly made”.
      I’d like to make all my daily meals in the morning, but i just like too much warm food. Have to figure out some kind of compromise.
    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      Yesterday Gordon “highly suggested” that i should start playing HU.

      This is huge for me. Sometimes i thought about it, but more like:
      “When i’ll be making solid money at 6-max, i’ll spare some time to learn HU”

      Well if his knowledge and experiance tells him i have potential to HU, then my answer shouldn’t be anything else than “OK, let’s do this!”

      But i have some worries. I have no idea how HU play works in practice… And i’m not worried about not knowing how to play my hand in HU, i mean how does the whole session look…?
      I open shitload of new tables and wait for fish… ? And how long does it take for fish to come? Isn’t there fuckload of other regs waiting? How many tables is equivalent to 6 tables at 6-max?
      I’m worried that half of my session i’ll be just sitting and waiting… 6 hours session = 3 hours of playing.

      I’ll just write to some people that play HU, sleep on it, think it through and i’ll make a decision.

      I’m both excited about new possibilities, and horrified that i’ll fail miserably. :D
      Definitely experiance from HU will be usefull at 6-max, so even if i fail it won’t be that much waste.
      So i'm prety sure i’ll do it.

    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      Ok, i’m done with SH.
      Starting HU today.

      This year sessions:

      This weekend basically killed my winnings. 8 Buy Ins under EV.
      So much shit rivers, so much 2nd Nuts vs Nuts hands…

      Since i joined i’m 22,5 Buy Ins under EV… i hate poker so much right now.

      And what the fuck happend with my redline after 15k hands this month? Did she divorced blueline? Is it only separation? WTF?

      I’ll better become fucking Zen-Master till tommorow if i wanna succeed at HU.

      And no boobs today. Because fuck you, that’s why.
    • stompy91
      Joined: 09.04.2012 Posts: 261
    • TheMarxBros3
      Joined: 21.09.2008 Posts: 1,346
      I'm going to follow along. Good Luck and keep them bouncing :f_drink:
    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      It’s more difficult to play HU than i thought. :D

      Mostly i’m not prepared for this chaos created by multiple pokerrooms.
      I’ve arranged them in stacks, every site in one slot on monitor like this:

      1 2 3
      4 5 6

      Every number is different room, but i see that not every site pops up windows with action, and some pop up over everything else, even when i have action on other table. So hotkeys are useless from now on.

      I wanted to do some equity calculations in breaks (no opponents on tables), but there were not so many of them. And when i had them i was adjusting software configurations. Even 1 table is demanding to play, i’m not bored like when i played 6 SH tables and i’m fully focused.

      3 HU tables is too much for me, i felt like i’m doing too much guess plays instead of standard lines. I hope i’ll get better at this.

    • Malendes
      Joined: 03.04.2011 Posts: 971
      Definitely worth a follow, nice bo..raphs :f_love: gl
    • Varune
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 5,454
      nice blog, for various reasons.
    • KubaZaszywacz
      Joined: 07.03.2010 Posts: 405
      First week of HU was just plain theory.

      Watching, reading, learning…

      Second week i played. everything from NL10 to NL50. First 4 days were great, last 2 just terrible. Ended up pretty much breakeven.

      I’ll be posting graphs monthly so first one will be in March.

      Now i got moved to intermediate group, so much new things to learn… So much things to do too. 😀

      Yet my PC is kinda fucked… i did huge clean-up, formated whole drive, reinstalled whole system… and now, when i connect pendrive or any other USB device it doesn’t work…. fuck my life.

      It’s not the first time i have this problem, googled it for few hours… the only way to repair it seems to be reinstalation of Windows…

      Yeah, did i mentioned i just did that 2 weeks ago? Fuck you Microsoft.
    • Malendes
      Joined: 03.04.2011 Posts: 971
      It is like the last post is missing something.... cant quite put my finger on what it would be, though :thinking:
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