Limping from button/completing from SB

    • NickParkes
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      In the early stages of a SNG we are told that it is OK to limp/complete hands with good implied odds especially if there are a lot of limpers before you...

      What range do you limp/complete from SB, button and CO?
      The obvious answer is Axs, suited connectors etc... but what about Kxs, gapped suited connectors, off-suited connectors etc.?

      How do you treat a minraise in this situation, do you still call if all other criteria are met?


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    • Puciek
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      There is no "range", if whole table will limp to my SB, i will limp ** (it's all about odds).
      And if in same situation, BU will minraise, i'm folding because there will be whole table to act behind me, and to play it i need a hand.
    • viewer88
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      In general only pocket pairs and AXs, SC when I'm feeling lucky ^^

      "when I'm feeling lucky" obviously means "when I have nice implied odds" :D

      edit: that's the completing SB range ofc :p

      I only limp preflop with pocket pairs.
      It's to hard to play SC or AX hands with 75BB + there's the ICM tax.
    • AugustusCaesar
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      Hi Nick,

      On late positions I love limping in with almost any pocket pair, all the suited connectors, even with some gappers like T8s , of course Axs,Kxs even Qxs .. Especially in low BI SnGs (<= $10) you get payed off by donks so great when you hit your straight / flush / set or better that it's worth it :) And by doubling up in the early stages you get very comfortable position when entering the push-fold stage ..

      To a minraise in front I consider the number of opponents and tighten up the range a little bit, but not much