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Act like a LADY, win like a BOSS.

    • CaptainHarkn
      Joined: 14.09.2014 Posts: 54
      Hi! I’m Gabriela, 27 years old from Prague.

      Something about me ..

      The first thing I have to say – I’m little bit sorry for my English, I learned German for ages and English is my third language, but I’m working on it and it’ll be better, you’ll see. I’m ex GIS girl (geoinformatics) who lost all the love which is needed to do the job correctly. So I decided to stop with that shit and start a new chapter of my life. I love success, I was a great geoinformatics and I’ll be a great poker player.

      The funny part of my life is – I have enough money for living my current life only for one year. And I don’t want another life, cheaper apartment, drinking disgusting coffee or wine .. no thanks, that isn’t for me. Now I’m able to put all my time into poker, learning and running. Someone told me I’m a materialistic bitch, maybe it’s true, maybe not.

      I love music, running, my dog (American Staffordshire terrier) .. I’m obsessed with drinking great wine and coffee (I’m not an alcoholic, I just like the taste).

      … and about my poker life …

      I started playing poker one year ago. (OK, that’s lie, I played poker when I was 20 with my ex BF, but the only thing what I remember from that is “deuces aren’t good hand”). First 6 months it was just a fun for me, I tried several formats etc. In summer I realized it’s possible to earn some money with playing poker. And I started with 6max CG zoom/fast . Now, after 180k hands I’m almost BE. I’m stuck somewhere between 5 and 10nl. (winner at 5NL, BE at 10NL). I have my biggest downswing now and the fu*king EV doesn’t like me aswell. I just joined the program and I hope the downswing will end soon.

      There are tons of leaks in my game, but I was never too strong or determinated to fix them by myself. I hope, I know, I believe I’ll be able to do that.

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    • 8runo
      Joined: 17.05.2015 Posts: 653
      Best of luck :f_drink:

      Originally posted by CaptainHarkn
      English is my third language, but I’m working on it and it’ll be better,
      Your English looks awesome - better than a lot of native English speakers! So don't apologise any more for your English!