HM2 problem with SnG wiz

    • Gonchan
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      I have some problems around HM2.

      I've contacted their support for 1 month and problem wasn't solved still(also no response within 4days from last contact..)

      I gonna summarize my trouble here

      1 When I play 888 SnG, I can't see all evaluation from SnG wiz.

      2 When I used my HM2 filter then pick a hand, then I tried to send to SnGwiz.
      However, SnG wiz showed wrong hand so that's mean I can't use my filter correctly.

      3 I heard when I play 888 SnG, HM2's $ev is somewhat wrong because of bug, is it true?

      4 HM2 auto-tag says my tournament is FL, although I'm playing only NL HT game, how to fix?

      I'm looking forward to your response.
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