Нужна помощь с покерным капиталом

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      Здраствуйте... при выборе рума,я выполнил все условия,что бы получить покерный капитал,но в "окошке" ID, где нужно было вписать имя игрока,я написал на русском языке, а нужно было на английском.... Как изменить?
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      Hello Stebunov546

      Welcome on the English PokerStrategy forum :welcome:
      Originally posted by Stebunov546
      Welcome ... in the choice of Rum, I fulfilled all the conditions to get the poker capital, but in the "box" ID, where it was necessary to enter the name of the player, I wrote in Russian and in English it was necessary .... How to change?
      FYP TY to google translate. I can’t speak Russian and this is the English forum.

      If you’re only familiar with Russian I recommend posting the same question on the Russian forum (русский форум).

      I don’t know about with poker room your talking, but it can take up to 72 hours before you get your free money. When this time is expired I recommend sending a ticket to our customer service.

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