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Discuss poker, earn Strategy Points

    • PeterFryers
      Joined: 14.10.2015 Posts: 1,407

      Earn Strategy Points by taking part in our forum discussions.

      To begin with, you can earn five Strategy Points a day just for helping your fellow members with their hand discussions:

      •Go to our Strategy Section and find an interesting hand you would like to comment on
      •Post your thoughts and help other PokerStrategists
      •That's it! Come back tomorrow for another five Strategy Points
      •Doing this at least 20 times this month will earn you 100 StrategyPoints, which is enough to guarantee you Silver status

      Earn Silver status by helping others

      In these forums you will find the hand discussions for your game type:

      No Limit
      No Limit Advanced
      Fixed Limit

      This promotion is for Bronze members or above and you only earn points when you reply to an existing post created by someone else. You don't get extra points for starting a post (But please do, to both help you learn and to give your forum friends a post to reply to).

      The five Strategy Points are awarded for your first reply every day and we reserve the right to exclude users who spam their way to the points.

      Time to participate

      Here are a few examples of the big poker discussions you can participate in...

      1. KK preflop - Can you or should you ever fold KK preflop on microstakes? Does a NIT ever have anything besides aces there?

      2. SH Rush Trips Min Raise river, value bet? - Tough on the river spot! Everyone has been there. Your hand improves on the river, you go for value, and then you get reraised. What now?

      3. Absolute nuts, bet river or hope villian does? - We all like to hit nuts, but how to extract the most value from such hands?

      4. 4bet AK x flop AQJ - Can you ever fold on a flop when you 4-bet your opponent with AK and you hit the Ace?
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