Party Poker vs Pokerstars - new account tracked to PS?

    • dandycal
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      Hi all,

      Due to some problems with FTP I'm withdrwaing my bankoll and changing casinos to either Party Poker or Pokerstars. I'd like to know some opinions about both of them to help me make my choice.

      1- I still play on lower limits (going on NL 25), so I wonder if both of them have enough lower limit tables and players (not loaded with pokerstrategy's SSS) for an SSSer to climb his way up.

      2 - Besides that, are these 100% first deposit bonus actually real? Or will they deduct them from rakeback or something? I started on FTP with pokerstrategy's starting capital, so now it'll be my first time depositing.

      3- Also, as I create a new account, how can I keep it tracked to pokerstrategy so I can still get points here?

      Any additional info on both casinos would be much welcome,

      Thanks a lot,
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