BRM and MTT (yet again!)

    • ametrine
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      Usually I sit on this forum in read-only mode, but now I have a question that really bothers me.

      In poker I play only tournaments. However grinding a lot of SnGs or MTTs seems pointless for me. I want to focus on playing good solid tournaments (Slow deep stack 2.75/5.50) and suitable big events on occasion (Saturday Micro for instance). I always play 1 MTT at a time, staying fully focused on what's going on at the table.
      I play around 20-25 tournaments in a month, sometimes more.

      How should I manage my bankroll? How many buy-ins do I need in that case? Variance seems much lower in those deep stacks tourneys with slow blind structure, as you can dodge many bullets on the way to final table.
      I can deposit if I need to, but it's better and more fun to build and maintain a bankroll that does not need constant deposits to survive.

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    • SDK1987
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      On those slow structure tournaments I expect the fields are small as well and you’re not playing too much.
      With this in mind 100 buy-inns would be good enough I think.

    • Agiz19
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      even 50 is enough I think, since you are there to win and pay attention whats happening and getting reads on players you can do well even with 20 buyins,... but buyins don't matter much if you can redeposit, you could just deposit for one tourney and play it for that mattter and have your bankroll in real life cash not numbers on client screen,