Rebooting my poker hobby

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      Howdy, my name is Corey.

      I first joined this site back in Nov 09. Damn, didn't realise it was that long ago.
      Anyhow, back then I was interesting in learning poker "the right way" and that is how I ended up here.

      I played for a while, learned some stuff, managed not to lose my starting balance in one of the iPoker clones but ended up playing mostly on FTP.
      I felt at the time that it had the best software and event now after all the BS they still do but sadly not nearly as many people.

      I think the thing that I learned the best back then, was some of the psychology of poker in particular being able to "observe myself" and analyse my own actions and motivations.
      I actually feel that this has served me very well in my life away from the poker table.

      Anyway, things happened, life happened; I was away from online poker for a long while and aside from the occasion friendly game; away from poker in general.

      Now things for me has changed again and I am finally being able to give poker another shot and I hope to track my progress with this thread.

      So... the story of the reboot thus far....

      I like to believe that I am a pretty smart guy and I have a tendency to pick up things fast but I realised that last time I did not learn things as thoroughly as I should have. While I did pick up some of the basics and even some of the intermediate skills there were some basic skills that just didn't master. (I was over confident and in a hurry)

      This time, I decided to take a different tact. I am re-reading all the articles, beginning with the basics and making sure that I spend time to earn a reasonable level of competence before reading or trying the next thing.

      For example, while I know what odds and outs are, I often didn't calculate them or use them properly.

      This time, after reading the odds and outs article; I stopped reading anything else for 1 week and made sure to practise that. I believe I still have work to do but I am much better than I was previously.

      I think this insight is really important for me and perhaps others. While I could learn a lot of stuff quickly. It will be better for me to build a very solid foundation and make sure I learn things thoroughly. (the quizzes at the end of the articles really help measure understanding, I would love to see more of these).
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      Online poker:
      So far nothing of interest to report.

      Real Life Poker:
      Strangely enough I had good results in the local pub game for the past 2 weeks.
      ($22 BI with between 40-50 players.)
      I have cashed on the final table both times, 4th both times.
      I am enjoying these games quite a bit so far and wish I would make my online as enjoyable and successful.
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      Hello Corey,

      Welcome back to poker!
      Glad you are giving poker another go and wish you all the best in reaching your goals.
      I am also going back over the basics as I have migrated from FR to 6-Max and have found many leaks in my game this month.
      Back in November there was a great article you may be interested in reading called 5-point plan: From break-even grinder to winning player
      Another good place to visit is perfect intro to multi tabling.
      I look forward to reading future posts.

      If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
      Good luck at the tables.


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      Thanks for the reply and the links.

      Good luck with your reboot! I forward to hearing about it
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      So inspired by this article (thanks Matt)

      I decided to set some goals. This is very much WIP as I am not sure what is feasible at this point.

      Currently I play NLHE2.

      Top Level Goal:
      Specific: Profitably playing NLHE20
      Measurable: Profitable would mean a recordable, sustained profit for at least 1 month
      Attractive: Seems so to me
      Realistic: This part I have no real idea (yet)
      Timed: This should occur prior to Dec 2016

      Sub Goal #1:
      Specific: Profitably playing NLHE2
      Measurable: Earning enough so that my bankroll increases to NLHE5
      Attractive: Seems so to me
      Realistic: I believe with solid basics such as following the Starting Hands Chart; Equity based decisions post flop and enough hands this should be doable
      Timed: This should happen by April 2016

      Sub Goal #2:
      Specific: Profitably playing NLHE5
      Measurable: Earning enough so that my bankroll increases to NLHE10
      Attractive: Yup!
      Realistic: With through study of all the Bronze content for NLHE, Psych and Poker Basics and enough hands this should be enough.
      Timed: This should happen by Jul 2016

      Sub Goal #3:
      Specific: Profitably playing NLHE10
      Measurable: Earning enough so that my bankroll increases to NLHE20
      Attractive: Damn straight
      Realistic: I don't know what I will need to know at this point but I expect the silver content will play a part
      Timed: This should happen by Oct 2016
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      It looks like you are going about this reboot in just the right way. Good luck with achieving your goals!
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      Quick update:

      Shortly before Christmas. Another small live $22 BI / 30-40 people event and another final table.
      No cash this time.

      I am beginning to get worried that I will get cocky but I also believe that any success so far has been due to very tight play.

      I still need to work on being more aggressive and think more about fundamentals like "villian ranges" and "bet lines"
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      Tight play is the way to go at the lower limits, don't underestimate what an effect rake has on NL2!

      I wish you all the best with your challenge, I will keep an eye on this blog! :f_thumbsup:
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      Thanks. What effect does take have? I feel like I don't know this well.

      I noticed something the past few days, I thought my post flop play was weak (still think so) but during my search for more knowledge to fix the problem I watched a video here that takes about 'playing exploitively'.

      In this video they talked about exploiting the fact that opponents were nitty by opening the steal range really wide from BTN and CO.

      While I want sure I had the skills to pull it off I decided to give it a try. I have to say the results have been great.
      On NL2 rush, I've been able to open raise any 2 from BTN and CO and then fold to 3B.
      The result is a lot of stolen BB and a slow but steady profit.

      Few words of warning if you want to try this:

        Villians will 100B are likely good targets as they are likely tight (consider how many hands you would fold from the SHC)

        Be aware of the opponents that often resist and avoid them.

        Know that your flop holding is likely weak and play accordingly.
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      This is the video I was referring to. Enjoy
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      Ok, finally back to the blog.

      * I've been playing live weekly tournaments ($22) and continue to do well $2120 in cashes ($801 profit)
      * Only been finding a small amount of time to play online and often only a single table on my phone
      * Moved myself from NL2 to NL5 (6 max) and despite being up and down, I feel I am doing better but I still ended up down 42BB over 1788 hands (-2.38BB/100)

      So.. Plan for this month is to set some short term goals and work on sticking to them.

      Goals for August:
      * Achieve Chromestar on Stars
      * Finish the month with a +ve BB/100
      * Blog here weekly updates
      * Perform more hand reviews
      * Work very hard on my blue line (it's killing me)

      My terrible blue line

      My Stats:

      My Month (yes low volume)

      My Balance (working on making this improve this month :p)
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      Weekly update:

      Better blue line

      + Better Stats

      = Profit

      Happy with my week generally (despite still be stuck in the -ve end of variables in my live poker).
      Managed to get more online hands in and I am managed to do more "active watching" of videos and coaching sessions.
      While this eats up a lot of my potential playing time, it really does seem worth it.

      Fingers crossed for another good week
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      So I missed last week's update (was out of town).

      It's been an update and down couple of weeks.

      I am trying to spend more time on fundamentals and have identified what I think is a weakness in my post flop play.

      As always, more to work on :)

      Here is the updates chart for this month
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      good luck