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    • Ramble
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      Hi All,

      I joined back in November, am really impressed with the PS website, community and business model. To date, I have played about 50 SnG's with a mildly positive balance sheet.

      I started out thinking the NLHE SnG Strategy applied to MTT's since you sit at a table of 9-10 players... From reading through the forums though I've discovered that another strategy is needed and explains why I was always finishing around the Final Table bubble.

      Now I'm playing single table SnG's and having much more success. I still occasionally get burned by straying outside the SHC (Starting Hands Charts) if I haven't played a hand in a long time. I keep notes of each match and find when I'm winning one word keeps coming up - "Patience".

      On a side note - does anyone find a difference in the style of play between North American and European players? (Not to exclude players from anywhere else, but I simply haven't played enough to notice a trend outside those 2 continents...)

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    • Freaky304
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      First of all, I feel your pain :) think most people that play SnG have sooner or later been in the stage that they play more hands then they should. It's just something that has to grow on you. Playing more then 1 table helps and I find having music on also a big help cause I feel less bored then ;) .

      yes I noticed a big difference between american and european players, in my experience europeans are more of tight play and slowplaying and americans more of bluffing. Maybe it'just me but I often have alot of problems adjusting from playing mostly americans too playing mostly europeans as I tend to call looser against americans then in my experience is wise against europeans.

      Good luck at the tables
    • SoyCD
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      Hey Ramble and welcome to the boards

      If you are playing SNGs make sure to also check out our ICM trainer to help you in your late phase decision making. The bubble/ITM phase is one where a lot of players miss out be not being aggressive enough.

      As for Europeans/Americans - although every player has his own style - there are quite some similarities among players from the same country. I find American players to be a lot more on the loose aggressive side than Europeans but perhaps that is also just my perception based on the ones I have played against.

      Hope to see you around the boards!

      Best regards