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      Hi all, Happy Holidays
      I'm after a little Advice and Guidance,
      I'm playing in a 100 player $10 tourney next week, top 18 pays out, my game play has took a real knocking the last couple of weeks (I'm Pre-registered) I've had more than my share of "bad beats"and seem to be getting out-drawn a-lot
      (Example) I hold AQ, flop is AQ7 villain goes all-in with Q7 and hits the 7 on the river. That's one of many many hands that have unfolded similarly for me lately, With this very decent prize pool on Sunday and only 100 players I''m hopeful of a good result but am worried that previous history will have an effect on my game, any advice on how to re-focus myself and just general tips on how to play a low turnout/high-payout tourney (I've never played in a $1000 prize-pool payout with so few players and where only 18 players get pay-ed) Any help, Tips Advice and Guidance would be much appreciated
      Kind Regards
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