Anyone have the same problem?

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      Hi, I have a problem, I opened my account about two mounts ago, and went abroad, I had some problems with internet, and finaly two days ago completed my data, and send my id by e mail, and I got e mail my cash has arrived (50$) but there are just 1,01$ ?(
      Does anyone have the same problem, and what the secret? I dont know, do I have to wait more money or what? Maybe because 1,5 mounths pased and I coundnt send my scan id? can someone of moderators tell me whats the secret? Did I do something wrong? Now i have account with just 1 $ not 50 like on the home page was writen... I hope someone will answer to me because I think its not fair because, noone told me I have to hurry with my data or when i have to do this or that, I thought this was serious, hope that I am wrong, but if that is not the stuff, i dint know what is it?
      Please someone tell me, hope for the good news soon! And if is a problem with time (and I cant belive it is because no where it writes that have to be in some period to do all obligations for pokerstrategy), can u send me a starting capital on some other poker room, because i dont want to play with 1$ :( Hope for some answers soon
      Best regards, new sad player
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