Poker Room for Omaha and Spin and Go?

    • siokdai
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      Hi, im new in Pokerstrategy :) and im sorry for my English!
      I have 2 questions.... I want start play in new poker room (not pokerstars or fulltilt)
      I want play about PLO10 and PLO25... i was try 888... about traffic its not so much :(
      Also i like Spin and Go... but only Pokerstars have spin and go? athoer poker room with Spin and go???
      I wait answer and thank you very much :)
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    • siokdai
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      nobody answer? thanks
    • Smudge0501
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      netbet , titan ( some poker room of ipoker ) have twister poker . it's like spin & go of poker stars .
      You can review :
      sorry for my english
    • rompas
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      Hi Siokdai,

      Spin gos, you will find at PKR, and all ipoker rooms,,

      When it comes to PLO i am not sure about traffic and i hope someone out here can help us with that question, will try look around little also and see if how it looks.

      Regards/ Rompas
    • tonypmm
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      PLO25 at PKR is almost dead; PLO10 is raked brutally there (at 10%, as opposed to the NL/PLO25+ 5%) and thus unplayable.

      Jackpot SnGs do enjoy decent traffic there even at the $12 level at peak hours.

      A drawback is that there are surprisingly many regs for that slow software. An advantage is that 3-reg games happen seldom at PKR because it's possible to reject a seat and they understand it and won't sit into a game where there are 2 regs already, but will wait until the client allows to join another one instead. On iPoker, it's impossible to 'reserve' a seat (see the prospective opponents without buying in), and it's impossible to unregister even on the beta client if you're the third participant to be sat in.