I started playing yesterday on propaganda poker. After few sngos i made from 50$ to 70$. I reached 12th place in MTT and got 50$, lost some sng's and i finally made my BR 95$. Now i'm playing rebuy tournament(this was really bad decision to start it, i made 3 rebuys due to bad luck, and one add-on), we'll see how i cope with it. Now i have 76$ and after tournament i end session. Update when i finish tourney.

Wow i finished as 8th. Managed to win 36$ wow, but i invested 15 in this ^*%$*# rebuy tournament. I was 3rd for a long time, but got sucked out by kq with k of clubs which hit a flush. Somehow i got to the final table, went all in with 6 BB on sb with 49 and get called by big stack with a2 unlucky. Never again this kind of tour, this is lottery.

BR: 108.28$

Oops i just realized i put it in wrong section(its late :P ), may someone move it to blog section? Thank you.