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[2-7] 0.1c/0.2c [9h 8s 7c 2d 3d]

    • DeuceToSeven
      Joined: 05.12.2015 Posts: 13
      Hand played: "What is the right move against unknown after the last draw?"

      *** DEALING HANDS ***
      Dealt to HERO [2d 3d 9h Jd 8s]
      Hero BTN OR
      Villian BB call >> is unknown
      *** FIRST DRAW ***
      Villian discards 3 cards
      Hero discards 1card [Jd]
      Dealt to Hero[2d 3d 9h 8s] [8h] >> i got a nother 8 that means half of the rough/smooth 8 low possible combos are dead.
      Villian checks
      Hero bets >> i bet cause Villian discards more cards then me; and i have Position, plus another 8 is dead.
      Villian calls
      *** SECOND DRAW ***
      Villian discards 2 cards
      Hero discards 1 card [8h]
      Villian checks
      Hero bets >> bet again cause i have a 1 cards advantage, killt one 8 and have position (same reasons like before)
      Villian calls
      *** THIRD DRAW ***
      Villian stands pat
      Hero stands pat on [9h 8s 7c 2d 3d]
      Villian checks
      Should Hero bet/fold, bet/call or check behind? >> This is a thin spot, villian stands pat cause he we were drawing on the 2nd Draw, that means Villian would have with J low against us ~40% Equity. He could held J low, T low, so i could bet and get one more money from Txxxx (and often from Jxxxx). What do you think is bet/fold, bet/call or check behind the best line? And why?
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Super Moderator
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      Hi, DeuceToSeven,
      Welcome to the EN community forums!

      I'm checking behind, but I'm squeaky tight.
      You have pretty close to the worst 9 vs an unknown.

      He completed his hand on 2nd draw. Would he stand with a T or J with another draw to come?

      Disclaimer: I am NOT a 2-7 expert!;