[2-7] 0.1c/0.2c

    • DeuceToSeven
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      Hand: "Villian is unknown, but i watched view hands, he is a thinking player"

      *** DEALING HANDS ***
      Dealt to Hero [9c 2c 2h 8s As]
      Villian 1: calls $0.10
      XXXXXXXX: folds
      Villian 2: calls $0.10
      XXXXXXXX: folds
      Hero Calls (from BB): checks
      *** FIRST DRAW ***
      Hero: discards 3 cards [9c 2c As]
      Dealt to Hero[2h 8s] [6s Jh 4s]
      Villian 1: discards 2 cards
      Villian 2: discards 2 cards
      Hero: checks
      Villian 1: bets $0.10
      Villian 2: calls $0.10
      Hero: calls $0.10
      *** SECOND DRAW ***
      Hero: discards 1 card [Jh]
      Dealt to Hero [2h 8s 6s 4s] [8c]
      Villian 1: stands pat
      Villian 2: discards 1 card
      Hero: checks
      Villian 1: bets $0.20
      Villian 2: folds
      Hero: folds >> What do you think about this fold? Is it right? Yes,no,why?
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    • SDK1987
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      I would call here, because I think you can still drawing for a better hand than his after he hits good with 2 cards his first draw. Off course I’m no 2-7 player. So I would like to know what others think of it.