[2-7] 0.1c/0.2c [86543]

    • DeuceToSeven
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      Hi LTD freaks,

      i have a hand played what makes me a sleepless night. I thought hours about this hand.
      I cant find the hand in my history so here are the facts:

      Villian UTG OR
      Hero Coldcall BB
      ***FIRST DRAW***
      Hero 1 Discard >> i had J8543, and got for a J a 8
      Villian 2 Discard
      Hero BET > cause i have a 1 card advantage
      Villian CALL
      ***SECOND DRAW***
      Hero 1 Discard >> i had 88654. i gave a 8 and got a 6 >> 86 543
      Villian 2 Dicards
      Hero Bet >> of course i bet, cause i have a rough 8 in a Headsup Situation and Villian had 2 DC
      Villian RAISE >> wtf, how can somebody have 2 Discards and hit a better hand?
      Hero ??? >> What do you think should i do call/fold/raise? When i call, should i give up the 8 rough and draw to a 76543? Just for 4 Outs(4 times the deuce)? Or should i call and stay pat, check to Villian and hope for a checkbehind after 3 Draw? Or fold OOP in a HU spot vs. a Villian who discards 2 Cards?
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    • nsavov
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      76543 is a straight and you will lose.
      If you want to draw to a better hand, you should throw the 6 and hope for 2, or throw both 8 and 6 which would be insane...

      Just call since you block alot of low cards, stand pat and if he stands pat too you can find a fold, but should probably call /not sure, its not my game/.
    • DeuceToSeven
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    • badgerer
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      I think you mistyped your hand in the 2nd draw action there? I am assuming you hit an 86543 on the 2nd draw

      I would go into call down mode, he doesn't know you are pat yet and could do this with any 8 and some 9's maybe even worse.