pokerstars vs 888 poker Nl 25 fr

    • anunak
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      Hi guys. I finally made br for nl 25. I currently play on 888 nl 10 full ring. I want to move to Nl 25. I have to choose between staying on 888 and play Nl 20 + Nl 30 or try pokerstars. The problem is that on 888 I rarely find full tables, but when I do Im sure I will find enough bad players. On pokerstars as i heard the rake back is much better and i can find enough tables at every hour, but the pool is full or regs and less bad players as on 888. I need an advice. Those who moved from 888 to stars, whats ur opinion? does it worth? the profit on stars + rake back is better than the total profit you had on 888 based on the same volume? i will be grateful for any sugestions.
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