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I will do it!! No matter what!! - my poker journey

    • CAvernare
      Joined: 22.10.2013 Posts: 26

      My name is Piotr. I'm 31 years old tram driver from Poland. What can i say about myself ? I'm holder of master degree in philosophy. Personally i find it very interesting is to study human morality. I have full time job. Tram driver. Well, this work suck balls. No regular work hours. Sometimes i start around 5 a.m. and finish around 4 p.m. , other time i'm in work from 2 p.m till midnight. My biological clock is on vacation.

      And this work is a reason why did i joined the program. I want o change my work and my life. never more hard work for pennies. I want to work Hard, but i want to see fruit of that work.

      My adventure with poker started 3 or 4 years ago. In the beginning i was playing Limit Holdem. ( because i was losing less money ;p). When i discovered IntelliPoker and started to learn strategy i changed game to NL.

      well, to be honest , moving up in limits was very painful for me. My biggest enemy at the tables is myself. I have big mindset leaks. And i lost a lot of money spazzing on tilt.

      i am sure that the program will help me change the approach to the game. Today, poker is rather a stepping stone from a bad job. I hope that with the poker program will change my life. I will make every effort to make it happen!

      good luck at the tables!

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    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 39,260
      Hello Piotr

      Welcome on the English PokerStrategy forum :welcome:

      Good that you have started a blog on our forum

      So you can see I have just edited your post, because advertising for competitors is against Our forum principles
      Hopefully you understand this and you don’t do this again.

      Further I wish you all the best with improving your game at the cash game tables :gl:

      Best regards,
    • CAvernare
      Joined: 22.10.2013 Posts: 26
      Hi there.First days are hard. Lot of new stuff to learn. But the hardest part is to change habits. I played a lot of hand at micro, ( around 1.5 million ) so i have a lot of bad habits. It will be very hard to eradicate them, but hey…no one said it will be easy. and the homework:

      Atm i’m focusing on my biggest leaks ( aka mindset and approach to the game) and preparing poker goals for next year. So next post will be much larger. :)
    • CAvernare
      Joined: 22.10.2013 Posts: 26
      Just like i promised this post will be longer and its subject will be mindset.

      This post will be personal so, dear reader, i dont care about what You think. If You dont want to leave any helpful feedback, then stop reading right here. Dont waste Your time.
      I writing and posting it here just for myself.I hope that in the future I will be able to look back and see how great way i went in fighting with my own weakness.

      Gordon in his course "Tilt Free Today" has mentioned about 4 steps to " grow out from tilt".

      Step 1 - Find out why You tilt

      There are several reasons why i tilt:
      a) lost several buy ins in short period of time;
      c) win a lot in few minutes.

      Step 2 -What Your tilt exactly look like:
      a) when i lost severals buy ins in one session i'm usually go into whining mode. " Why those idiots hits again!", "WTF, THIS FISH PLAYS EVERY HAND !! WHY THE FUCK HE CRACKED MY ACES!!". sad but true.
      the more buying i lost, the more upset i'm. Sometimes when i play after hard and long shift in work every unlucky loss is like a slap in the face. Its time when my mouse can hit the wall.
      Now when i think why sometimes i can fall into this nerd rage, i've concluded that the reason behind all this are expectation.
      I read poker books, watch strategy video and i EXPECT to win with a fish. And if i dont win ....i'm angry.

      b) when i lost few buy ins to one player or someone outplays me few times, my game starts to be aggressive versus that player. I start to throw out lots of bad words to my monitor and sometimes insult my opponent on chat. I'm angry and aggressive. Trying to play as much hands as possible versus him and outplay or win with him. And if i lost another buy in to someone then i start to play very loose to every opponent at table.

      c) i also started to tilt when i win a lot in one session.
      in this point someone can ask "why are You tilt if You win?"
      well's simple. Gordon had defined tilt as "THE ACT OF KNOWINGLY PLAYING BAD ", so if i start to extend my ranges ( basically all of them:RFI -3bet-3bet call -ranges) only because i hit everything today ...i'm on tilt. My game starts to be very loose. I feel invincible.

      Step 3 - Work out how to solve the problem.
      For point "a" and "b" i have 3 level system.
      Level 1 - when only i start to feel angry because i lost a pot i quit playing. Simple as that.
      Level 2 - When only i start to feel angry because i lost a pot i will take a 30 min break. If after the break still I feel angry i will quit playing for that day.
      Level 3 - I will do Gordons exercise while playing to keep calm. If it will not work, i'll follow by level 2.

      When it comes to point "c" i will keep it simple. When only i notice that i play as "player with god mode on" i will make a 1 hour brake.

      Step 4 - Practice , Rinse and Repeat
      For the next 3 months i will practice my Level 1 from Step 3.
      when only quitting when i'm angry will be normal thing for me i will move to Level 2. and try to make a break to clear my head from anger.

      thanks for reading.
      feedback how You deal with tilt will be appreciated. :)
      Piotr aka CAvernare
    • CAvernare
      Joined: 22.10.2013 Posts: 26

      The first entry in a long time …so let’s start with important things.

      We have new shiny 2016 year so lets sum up 2015.

      In 2015 I:

      -played 487 127 hands;

      – was on red side before rakeback;

      – was tilting and nerd raging alot;

      – made a small progress in my game but it was really small;

      In 2016 my minimum plan is:

      -to play 750 000 hands;

      – to be on green side on NL50 before rakeback;

      – to be tiltfree;

      – learn learn learn …..learn moooar!!

      I made small progress to become tiltfree. i started “no whine” challenge…well… after 10 days of start…I’m on day to again 😀

      Is hard but i will do it. Sooner or later , but i will do it.

      last thing to mention is that i will count january as my first month. My real join date is 21 december but in first days i focused mainly on organisation matters.

      So far january is very good for me. I will post graph when only i will hit 50k hands.