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Defend vs squeeze.

    • danwan
      Joined: 04.10.2012 Posts: 26
      I wonder what range I should defend when I get squeezed?
      Example: CO open raises 3x, I flat hands like 22-99 and 45s-JTs and get squeezed 4.5x from BB, and Cutoff folds. Me?
      I have no stats on villain, but he plays 4 zoom tables, have 100 BB stack and the squeeze is normal size. So he is prob a reg.

      The 2nd question is if the openraiser calls, and I have position on both players, the stacks are 100BB deep, can I call most of my range?
      Anyone have any suggestions regarding ranges vs squeezes from some different positions on both raiser, caller, and squeezer.
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    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 37,360
      I’m no cash gamer, but I wouldn’t call a squeeze at all OOP with the range you mention with a stack of 100bb deep. You need to invest way too much to call for set value alone, because you will invest way more than 10% of your remaining stack.

      Hopefully the cash gamers will find your thread as well now.

    • YohanN7
      Joined: 15.06.2009 Posts: 4,711
      Your range is very vulnerable to squeezes because you simply have to fold a big part of it. I am 3-betting many of the hands you flat with and flat with some hands that can stand a squeeze.
    • KoeNe4U
      Joined: 20.11.2009 Posts: 373
      @SDK, the way he described it, he is in the button, so it would be a call IP :f_ugly:
      @danwan when the cutoff calls, you can obviously call a squeeze wider. When cutoff folds, I don't like to call too many hands being 100bb deep, although we are in position. I prefer 4betting or folding and only in some rare cases, calling when I know villain squeezes too wide and has some leaks in his post flop game. :f_thumbsup:
    • Jaissica
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,385
      You need to be able to back yourself to move people off better hands postflop often in 3bet pots if you are going to call a 4.5x squeeze with 100BB deep stacks.

      If you can't, then don't. I prefer not to as I prefer not to play marginal spots in 3bet pots; I don't like the variance. I'm sure it costs me a small winrate in a pure hand by hand sense, but I KNOW it saves me a large lossrate in tilt caused by variance.

      Yohan is spot on in that you should turn some of your flatting range into bluffs and turn some of your 3bet value range into calls. For example, JTs should 3bet, but JJ could flat. JJ can stand a squeeze sometimes against the right villains.