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Another happy story!?

    • jmarkez1
      Joined: 25.02.2014 Posts: 4
      Hi, everybody!

      My name is Jure and I am 21 years old. I am a guy from a small country Slovenija. Currently I am a student (finishing college), looking for new opportunities (like; job, school, travel and work,… or something with poker).

      I heard about poker a long long time ago.. like 6 years ago, I think :) . A friend told me about it and than I watched on yt and tried it. My respons was that it is stupid and I said: “I have no time to waste with sitting in front of the computer and doing nothing, I rather play computer games or do some sport!” That was my first meeting with poker 😀 . Now I like almost everything about poker except tiltting and loosing!

      I started playing it just for fun first year on the college! I don’t need to say that I deposited a few times.. More seriosly I started last year on 2 sites I made a bankroll over 100$ with only promotion tickets. I thought I was unbeatable! Than I realized that is not so. And then was time again to studying and working on the play. Then on a forum I started to read a blog of jajceman known as Rovar. I started to thinking that I want something like that ($$$)… And then again a month ago I read the blog of somebody! I realized that I want $$$ but first I need a good coach! And ther I decided to join a poker program and do something with my poker.

      Why I joined this program?

      Because of amazing achievement of other members. Because everyone need a coach if he want to improve and devolpe in poker. Because I also want to improve. Because money from poker can give me more options for future. Because, because, because,…. I also want a happy story 😀 !

      oh yes that is my first and last post for this year Happy Chritsmas and happy New Year 😀 to all members of this community!!

      GL at the tables
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    • jmarkez1
      Joined: 25.02.2014 Posts: 4
      Hey I am back!

      I had a great, funny, working holidays! I worked in a new place only for last two weeks and I meet a lot of new people. We were a great team!

      Now I am back and ready!
      This is becoming more and more exciting 😀 ! A lot of things to do but I still like it!

      This week I started with the 6max course and now I am learning the standard lines and preparing to play regularly (making a schedule of poker and non poker things to do). I had some trouble with PT4, before I just used jivaro poker hud and pt4 is a new thing but I understand the concept.

      Oh yes if you are using the first time a hud be sure that you have the poker software in English language :) !!!

      I had also last two days 2 short sessions to practice the standard lines and have some practice with the hud.
    • jmarkez1
      Joined: 25.02.2014 Posts: 4
      Made my first 10k hands in program. Last days I am playing zoom: more hands — bigger lose (last 7k only zoom) 😛 … for learning is good because is all going faster and you face a lot of different spots in a short time (and you don t need to multi tabling).. but the bad thing is when you find a mega fish, is already in the next hand far far away 😀 when you see with what hands they open …. omg you want to play with him a lot 😀

      my schedule is like this (some times I have to work and I have to adjust the schedule):

      (grinding: 5 – 8 h)

      (learning: 2-3 h)

      8:00 – stand up and than breakfast

      9:00 to 11:00 – studying (watch videos, analyzing trouble hands..)

      fast snack

      11:00 to 14:00 – playing poker

      again eat

      14:30 to 18:00 free time and also time for work out ( I am doing a 90 days challenge)

      18:00 to 23:00 – grinding (with short break)

      time to analyze some hands and than time for sleep

      GOALS for next week: learn, learn, learn, improve the game, do exercises, make 10k+ hands
    • jmarkez1
      Joined: 25.02.2014 Posts: 4
      hello hello !!

      OK goals for the past week are all done (learning, improving is still in progress 😀 )

      I didn’t mentioned that my starting bankroll is: 32$


      NL 2$

      REPORT of my first month ( start 13 January )

      played days: 16/19

      hours: 80

      hands: 34K

      profit: 2$

      Playing last month was sometimes painful, one day up second day down more than up last day and so on… But is all good because I was practicing.. Now I have no problem playing 6 tables (now I started to play 9 tables). Overall I am satisfied because before I never played so much cash games.

      her is the graph

      GOALS for next month:

      * play 160 hours

      *play 80k hands

      *learning ( watching videos, seminars, practicing,..) lets say about 40