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Many a little makes a mickle - crunshing the micros

    • honky43
      Joined: 20.12.2015 Posts: 1

      It's my second attempt at poker. I started during university around 2010 and earned a couple of bucks to improve live by things I otherwise never could have.
      But I never made it over NL25 as I really got issues with scared money, remembering on any allin, that this possibly could be my next weeks budget even if this due to bankroll management was not true.
      This killed my play, I cashed out and finished poker "for ever". But wait! For some reason I left behind $10 which I now use as my starting budget! :f_drink: I am now financially free for my daily life and really do not need to work lot to life an average life, so let's see where this is going to go.

      I started playing 5 days ago, seeing what I can do with my 10 bucks:

      Not very impressive especially when you see my NL2 graph only:

      I had a lot of trouble learning to understand NL2 players and finally tighten up some levels. I played a lot of hands, check reraising a couple of times at the flop (when I saw a small cbet, had an ultra dry board and no hand myself at all) but got called way to often by anyone at anytime.
      So i need to play more the hand instead of the players here. Acknowledged.

      I took a shot playing NL5 Tables with one table at a time and none zoom only, playing a lot of hands against selected weak players, feeling a lot better understanding them.

      So my first week at poker left me with this a bit rusty results:

      44,89$ as I cashed in 10$, won 2$ by that, and played 7$ something without tracking software

      [ ] beat NL2 by tightening up a lot
      [ ] get bankroll up to 100 to play nl5
      [ ] find good poker music
      [ ] play around 1k hands per day
      [ ] post some hands I played starting with some bad ones

      Ok, let's do this :f_biggrin:
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