Hello everyone, I am Pasquale, 31 years old, from Italy, living in Germany since 2014! I work as engineer, I love playing soccer videogames and of course german beers :P

I started with poker 4 years ago when I understood that it’s not about luck. At those times it was not possible to play cash game in Italy so I started to play S&G with mediocre results. Than cash game came and I fell in love with it. I played tons and tons of hands starting from NL2 and reaching NL25 + supernova status. My goals were never earning money but mostly I wanted to beat the levels and reach the higher limits.

I reached NL50 but I am stuck there, being a slightly losing player! That’s why I want a coach to help me. I know my potentials, I want to learn, apply, improve, crush ’em all! I am also aware of my limits: as I am working full time, I wont be able to make 100.000 hands per month. Anyway, this has never been a problem for me, it also forces me to always schedule my activities to avoid wasting time

Anyway, I will keep track of my progress, can’t wait to start! GL