I'm Matteo, and this should be my third blog on pokerstrategy.Generally I quit to write it in a week or probably less Anyway i don't wanna remember.
I decided to try again but this time apparently I have no valid reason I want do just for share something with other people.This year has been important for me, because I think that I've grown a lot (It's not only about poker).
I've met great people that helped me a lot and I don't know if I'll be capable in future to return them also only a small part of they give me in this years.
Poker in my grow has been really important,it teach me how can I control myself when the something don't go in the right way,try to pick always the right choice no matter what is the result and also the importance of to be constant especially in the worst moments.
Why I decided to open this blog?
First of all I haven't any space online to share my knowledge,thoughts adventures with others and that's because I hate social network and for second for make practice with english.
Next year going to play everything spin,mtt and cash and I'll obviously share my results but also the most funny and unusual hands that I'll have when i play online and live.
by the way
Happy Holidays at all and stay tuned