I'm still struggling to pick stable way to grind tournament.

From next month, my grind time should be shorter because of my work.

I'm considering some plans for it.

1 HT 6 table around as I've played around 2 month, + some juicy MTT, such as add-on or guarantee tournament, it seems most comfortable grind.

2 HT 12 table+ at lower buyin. I think I had at least 5 ROI( though I noticed my red line was fake.) so if I can continue this ROI, I can get decent profit from multitabling. It also fit the demand for flexible time.

3 Switching to MTT main. It may have best ROI. However, still I have to overcome some disadvantage such as non-flexible time and high variance, or difficult to define my true $ev.

What plan do you think it is best for guys who can play 2 hours around per day because of work while earning some profit?
or What type of grind are you playing now?

I'm looking forward to your feedback.