Moderation is for cowards - studying Neuroscience i and crushing NLH - my way to 60k euro

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      Hi guys!

      I have just registered and wanted to start my blog right away. I hope it's alright that I start the blog before having bronze status, I hope to get it asap!

      My pseudo is CYBORG and I want to be called that way, mainly because I want to motivate myself to study and work more, sleep&excuse myself less.

      My goal is to change the world. In order to do that I need money. In order to get 1st, I am studying Neuroscience at one of the best unis in the world. In order to get 2nd, I want to win 60k euro in the period from 1st January 2016 to 30th June 2016.

      I know it's quite unrealistic and I'll probably fail but I will do my job anyway and let the universe decide.

      I hope pokerstrategy materials help me a lot on my way to riches, I can't wait to watch videos and participate in trainings.

      Moderation is for cowards
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