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      Hi, my name is Aleksandr, I am 32 and I am from Russia. This is my first expierence in blogging, so don’t criticize my writing style, please :-) I am playing poker online since 2005, was playing everything (except MTTs, which I seriously never played, but that doesnt means that I am loser at MTTs). Started playing sit-n-goes 5-max and 10-max up to $200, after that played Texas Holdem 6 max cash games up to about zero play at NL200. Then I tired from poker and leave it for 2 years. But 1,5 years ago, I decided to return to the poker and start playing PLO which was my favourite poker game from the beginning. I started at plo2 (with 0.01/0.02 blinds) and in short time became a plo25 regular. But frequent withdrawals and my nonprofessionalism prevents me from playing higher.

      About 1 month ago I understood, that my nonprofessional relation is the main reason for me not playing higher. My brain and google search engine helped me to find a decision of that problem, thats how I joined a poker coaching. So after celebrating a New Year I will start to storm PLO50. The goal for 2016 year is 60k+ euro profit. Reports at least 1 time weekly. Happy New Year! Let`s roll!

      p.s. Here is my overall results at plo25.

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