I've hit a wall I don't know how to get past :f_frown: , my successes are short lived because I don't know how to make the most of my winning hands or rather how to spot where I can make more when I do have a winning hand and on the flip side I tend to stay in too long when I have a weak hand which is a bad habit I need to break :f_thumbsup: but back to the first problem how to maximise a winning hand as this is especially useful for tournaments, I've sat in and watched these guys occasionally but I still don't understand how they do it ?(
Any help would be most appreciated as I've come to a dead stop with this, I don't have the time to do the volume some of you guys do so I need to learn this and have it written down so I can practice it and get it memorised so I can apply it when I play serious.
I understand how to play in position in a basic way but I have learned that this has to be a bit fluid in real life, I have been told it's all about maths (which I hate btw) so if someone can recommend some light reading that would be great :profit: