When it is time for a break, based on bankroll management?

    • Phicube
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      Hi there. I open this thread because could not find the right answer.

      I play mostly NLHE (Cash/SNG/MTT) and a little PLO (some 2% of the time).

      Already play based on BR management and think it is really important to do to avoid going broke.

      Already have set my rules for moving up and down on limits and also what limits I can play for each style.

      To make it clear, let's say I have BR of USD 1.000. Will play SNGs at 2% BR or USD 20 buy in and will go down on limits if I reach USD 800. It means I can lose 10 tourneys (talk about downswinging :f_biggrin: ) before going down and that is great.

      My question is: how many buyins I can lose in a day before having a break (for the day)?

      I used the SNG in this case, but would like your opinion on the other kinds of game (MTT/CASH) and in BR management in general.

      Hope I made myself clear. Thanks.
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    • MisterSnS
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      I think this really depends on the type of player you are. I guess you are talking about a Stop-Loss here. Quitting the session in terms of lost Buy-Ins is a good thing when you can't play profitably anymore. For some players a stop-loss is not necessary because they do not get on tilt and keep on playing well. Others suffer and get emotional after they lose like 3 or 4 Buy-Ins in a day and spew even more when they stay at the tables.

      So yeah, this really depends on the type of player you are. If you want to play cash, set a stop-loss that is appropriate to your personality, or leave it completely (unless you have tilt issues with lost money).
    • Phicube
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      I am making a spreadsheet to keep track of my profit/loss and to manage my bankroll. Next I will be rolling up an app to do it (I'm also a computer programmer).

      So, this info is to help on calculations. And even if not an exact answer, yours really helped to get my planning going. Thanks a lot.
    • oI2ange
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      I don't think there is a set number of buy ins that is optimal for a stop loss. Every player is different and everyone reacts differently to losses. I would recommend reading Mental Game of Poker and also consider purchasing a program such as Tiltbreaker if you are struggling with stop losses.