Hey all,

I've been playing on and off for a few years, but never particularly seriously and with a gambling / nothing to lose style of BRM. I've never really trusted my discipline / ability enough to deposit more than about $20 - meaning that my original losses were always fairly small and wins (where I cashed out) were massive. To give you both ends of the spectrum:

    Back in 2011, I took the free $8 at 888 and turned it into $1,000. In large part I sensibly grinded through SNGs and HU games, but I also made some ridiculous plays - including a table-selected but utterly crazy double or nothing $500 HU at the end :f_biggrin:

    A few months ago, I deposited £20 on Sky Poker and made it to over £300 - mainly through their 6-max Spin-Up cash games (10 BB max). I ran well playing a mixture of £2-10 BIs, but couldn't handle the inevitable downswing and ended up losing it all through a mixture of tilt and trying to win back my losses. I'm still convinced that the games are long-term profitable with ABC poker due to an endless stream of fish, but you need to have incredibly discipline to handle the variance.

My latest poker journey started as just a bit of fun over Xmas on 888 - I deposited $100, playing a few big tournaments and taking on the NL50 6-max cash games with the hope of a quick win. However, after doubling-up via the cash games I started to gradually lower my stakes to the extent that I was playing exclusively NL10 (mainly snap / rush, some standard) by the time I reached $250. I've strictly followed that ever since and in a week or two have grinded my way up to $440.

Now I've got a decent bankroll, I'm determined to move up the stakes and learn from my mistakes. I'm starting this blog as inspiration to follow proper BRM, improve my game, and chat with other players who might be in the same boat.