Some of the caps have been changed in 2016. Not all the partner rooms have updated the information... the following is seen at a page at Titan's website (if your ISP is blocking it, you can read the Wayback Machine copy).

For comparison, here's the former rake structure that is yet being shown at Coral's help centre:
So the limit game rake structure hasn't changed at all. The changes for NL/PL games are as follows:

1. The cap at 0.01/0.02 - 0.02/0.05 has been lowered from €1 to €0.50 regardless of the number of players.

2. The 5-10 player cap at 0.10/0.20 has been lowered from €3 to €2.

3. The 3-10 player cap at 0.5/1 - 5/10 has been raised from €2-3 to €4.

4. All the 3-4 player caps have been made equal to the 5-10 player ones.

5. Rake is now taken in €0.01 increments at all stakes, whereas it used to be rounded down to multiples of 5 cents at 0.5/1 - 5/10.