MTT - Time to oil those gears and get grindin'

    • Kittelsen
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      Hello. I am Kittelsen. I have played MTTs for a living for around 5 years. Last year I haven't had the same drive as I have had in previous years. This year I will work on getting my motivation up to par and continue to have a consistent winrate over time. I am completely new to this forum, but have been posting on similar boards occasionally.

      Why do I create this journal:

      1. To structure my thoughts regarding poker, and be able to maintain consistency in focus and energy consumption.
      2. I want to be more active in an online community. If this helps me get more interested and motivated it has been worth the effort.

      How will I do it:
      1. I will set up very short term goals, which if I can manage them, I will prolong.
      2. I will play poker tomorrow.
      3. I will write an honest summary of tomorrow here, including goals for the next day(s).

      Time to get to sleep. Then to work.
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    • Malendes
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      Good luck buddy :f_drink: while grinding poker, always have a few pictures of Liv Boeree and Sara Chafak lying around - helped me alot on keeping my motivation for the game
    • Kittelsen
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      Malendes: Thanks for the advice. Not a bad idea, though I might get too distracted then :f_tongue:

      I played a MTT session for a few hours today. I ran up some stacks early to give me initial momentum. I managed to get a final table in a small 11 turbo on 888 with 400 $ up top. I came in as chip leader after, but tangled a bit too much with the second player in chips, and think I made some overzealous plays and potentially huge ICM mistakes, and ended up in 6th. Definitely unnecessery plays, and I will try to be a bit more careful as that may be a bad habit I have developed.

      I also final tabled a 8 $ 180, which I ended in 8th after coming in 4th in chips. I made a pretty big ICM mistake I think, where i shoved 12x from BTN with QTo into two of the bigger stacks, with a 2-3 very short stacks at the table. Now I think it's important to keep accumulating for future EV as I can push the handcuffed players more around and get to shorthanded play more easily, but I think this was a mistake, but will have to run the numbers on it to see just how big a mistake it actually is. Shortstack play, and ICM awareness and how it affects the dynamics on the table is something I am usually quite good at, so I am not too worried about it, but it's always good to learn. Especially when I make silly mistakes. I guess I am in a mindset on small final tables where I want to give myself a good shot at winning, because the lower final table spots are pretty close in payouts.

      I am a bit worried about my deepstack play when I am deep in tournaments. I feel like this is where I have the most to learn, and may be the biggest leak of mine. I managed to punt off a big stack pretty deep in the Big 7.50, where I ran a triple barrel bluff in a spot where he was so unlikely to call a hand on the turn that he can fold on rivers. In that particular spot I think I should even have folded preflop, which makes me wonder if I have been taking some risks preflop, that I don't have to where I can wait for more clear spots. I steal pre when I can, but I have to recognize better when to tone down my preflop ranges.

      I rate my overall performance for the session a 6/10. Not bad, but for sure not good enough. Variance gifted me good stacks to work with, and I took some very high risk lines to end them. I kept a level-head through the entire session, and my mind was interested and motivated regardless of results, so that was good.

      Goals for tomorrow will be the same:
      1. Play a poker session.
      2. Update here, and provide a HH or two.