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    • jasenglenn
      Joined: 05.01.2016 Posts: 1
      Hello community. I am Jasen Glenn, a 27 year old young man who lives in the states, Las Vegas to be in fact. I've heard wonderful things about the community as a whole and I really need to alter my game for the better, so here we go. Poker is an every day passion for me, but I also enjoy mediation, working out, pick up basketball in my neighborhood, and jamming to tunes of all types.

      My strongest game has always been Omaha, both fixed limit hi/lo and PLO as well. Honestly, I've always been the one to take the easy route in life, so due to the low variance involved in hi/lo I pursued that game for the first 3 years of my poker career, playing online at Full Tilt. I would just play tight and wait for cards to come for the opportunity to bluff is extremely rare in that game. After time I was so robotic in my decisions that I felt the artistry of poker was non existent in my game and got fed up. That's when I started playing PLO. But not online, Black Friday came so I moved to Vegas to start playing live. I have been playing $1-$3 live for the last three years or so, making between $25k-$32k annually which really pisses me off. When I do take shots at $2-$5 they do not seem to go really well and when that happens (usually bc i get outplayed) I get super tilted and start spewing buy-ins like a super noob. Last year I deposited on Bovada and ran $500 up to $10k in two months starting at $.25c-$.50c PLO. When I got to $2-$4 (probably moved up too fast) again I was kinda outmatched and did the same thing I do at the live $2-$5 tables, spew a lot. Of course I was not disciplined enough to move down in stakes before I busted my account and now here we are. A not so wealthy poker player with a ton of potential that needs some direction and a good ass kicking by someone who knows what's up.

      I'm avid reader of [Edited by SDK1987] and I love to troll Isildur, so that's how I found out about it from their banner ad on that site. I usually don't click links like that but I recently decided to and after reading through all the info I feel this program is exactly what I need to accelerate my poker game, for poker is my passion and I want to be as much of a boss at it as is humanly possible. My goal through this program is to be the fastest PLO 6-max player to reach $60k the program has seen, and from there be that dude who stays out of the public eye and just quietly owns souls and makes that $20k a month (optimism) while staying dedicated to improving his game and never losing the hunger to succeed and push forward. Thank you to the team for letting me in on the wonderful program and I look forward to meeting the community and being a positive influence within in. 2016, let's do this!

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    • T3rMiT3
      Joined: 29.02.2008 Posts: 3,328
      Hello there, nice to see a PLO blog.
      I hope you will update it as often as possible with alot of interesting info.
      Good luck! :f_drink:

      PS: I hope this is a blog or will be :) )
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 37,800
      Hello Jasen

      Welcome on the PokerStrategy forum :welcome:

      Always nice to see a PLO player around on our site, but remember that you can’t talk about competitor sites on our forum, because that’s against Our forum principles and that’s why I edited out some abbreviations and site name of your post.

      It looks like your still a basic member and then you can use 1 or more of our free money offers on poker rooms you don’t have an account yet.

      Further I wish you a pleasant stay on our forum and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them.

      Best regards,