Hi Guys!

All the best for 2016 to you all. Let's start off with a great blog where i want to grind up a roll playing 9 man sng's (turbo). I'm going to start from the bottom where i will play $0,50 9-man turbo's and grind it up so i can play higher. 9-man and 18-man sng's will be my main source of 'income' . When i have the time i will play some small buy-in MTT's also by trying to win some sattelites.

So, let me introduce myself :-). I'm a 23 year old guy from The Netherlands. When i'm not playing poker, i study European Studies at the uni. I also work in the most awesome Apple store in The Netherlands! I learned that goal-wise you have to start small, so that's why i don't have huge goals yet. Later today i will post some more statistics, but i don't want to concentrate to much on graphs and results money wise. I rather want to post some hand history's and discuss strategy with you guys, so i can learn along the way.