Hello! My name is Germán, i´m from Argentina, 31 years old and i started two weeks agos my NL 6 MAX MICRO program. For that reason I created this blog so everyone in this community could follow my progress in this journey. At the moment i have an administrative work at a printing company that i deeply hate.

I have been playing Poker since 2013, mainly Cash – BSS FR. Somehow i managed to play NL 25 until i had to stop because some family problems that i had at the beginning of 2014.This year i started playing again but nothing too serious, until i took the decision to make a living of poker. This was a very simple decision, because always want to be my own boss, manage my own work schedule and finally because i enjoy playing poker unlike my current job.

For everything i already said, i was looking for the better and faster way to reach this goals and thats when i saw the coaching, so after i read some experiencies and testimonials i said to myself “This is it. This is the way to do it!”

This are the results of this first two weeks:

First 25 k hands on PokerStar:

Then i moved to iPoker and play another 15 k hands.

Inicial BR: USD 200
Current BR: USD 234

I have to be honest. The only reason why i made some profit is because i unlocked one bonus i had almost already done before start the program.