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Ranges from UTG, adjustments vs different type of players.

    • danwan
      Joined: 04.10.2012 Posts: 26
      I want to make my RFI-ranges as good as possible from all positions. Lets start with UTG:
      This is my standard RFI-range from UTG (13%)

      What adjustment do you do against different opponents?
      With loose passive players in the blinds and some tight regs in MP, CO and Bu I think I can expand my range a little. How wide can I go? Something like this?

      Maybe even add some more suited connectors?

      With loose passive players or aggro players behind me in position I think I need to take away the low suited connectors, and some small pairs, something like this?

      With tight players behind me I think I can open some more hands maybe like this?

      How do you adjust?
      And what do you think about my ranges from UTG?
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    • bonecore
      Joined: 02.11.2009 Posts: 1,057
      UTG - Open Raise First In (13,73%):
      Postflop Play: UTG and MP are actually very easy because ranges are very straight forward. However when you play a very tight range vs another tight range you can not value bet in all spots, and you may have to make tougher folds.
      All pocket pair should be profitable but if you dont win with pairs lower than 55 on a large sample then you can fold them.
      ▪▪▪Tightning up. If there are more than 1 players behind you that are agro 3betters (>10%),tighten up and fold lower PP , weak suited aces and weak suited broadrways
      ▪▪▪Loosen up. If players behind you have very low 3b% and there is a fish in the blinds, because more hands become profitable

      UTG - tight (9.65%):
      UTG - loose (20.97%):

    • danwan
      Joined: 04.10.2012 Posts: 26
      Thanks for the answer.

      I also want to know what you think about the sizing when you preflopraise?
      Do you vary by position?
      Some people opens pretty large from UTG and MP. (3BB-4BB)
      And some people (looks like the better regs) open around 2,5BB from all positions except for the Button where they open just over 2BB.

      Will you also please help me to explain a little about how to defend OOP vs 3bets?
      Your default opening-range from UTG is 13.7% of the hands. How does the defending-range look like?
      I defend only 99+ and AQo+ and ATs+. I 4-bet with AA and KK and call with the rest. Is that to nitty? Should I 4-bet with AK and AKs OOP vs 3bet from MP?

      Let´s say if MP 3-bets vs UTG 3% of the times, or if MP 3-bets vs UTG 9% of the times. How do you change your defendingrange vs different players?
    • martinstids
      Joined: 02.01.2010 Posts: 284
      Not sure why u add ATs in UTG and not 22 for example. Add all pp and leave ATs, AJo
    • ethanol94
      Joined: 25.07.2013 Posts: 945
      Hi danwan,

      I think your platine's rank allowed you to have a look at the basics lessons for construct ranges pre ;-)