SW, Variability and Everything

    • TTT241
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      I have couple of question... I am still learning about Stud and I would like to know following:

      1) What SW I can use for 7Stud(8) and Razz.
      2) What should be expected profit - 1-1.5BB/100 hands?
      3) What is reasonable sample size - 10k hands?
      4) What is expected variability (stddev) within 100 hands

      (I read somewhere that for NL TAG player stddev is 100BB, that gives +-2BI within 100 hands with 95% probablity)

      5) Anything else that could make game analysis more comfortable...


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    • prometheus42
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      1) PT Stud, ProPokerTools for Razz and twodimes for Stud(8)

      2) Don't know. The guy 'ceegee' over at 2+2 is running hot with 3BB/100h over ca. 100.000h.

      3) Don't know either. All you get to read when you ask for a reasonable samplesize are numbers >100.000h.

      4) Can only speak of myself: 15.5BB/100h.