• danwan
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      What sizing do you use when you open-raise preflop, 6-max NL?

      Do you vary the sizing by position?

      If you open-raise 3-4 BB in early position you will get some more folds but the pot will be bigger and you want to play smaller pots OOP.
      On the other hand your range are stronger from earlier position and you could/should open with a larger sizing?

      If you open 2-2,5BB in early position more people will call the open-raise and you have to play more pots OOP postflop. I also think people will 3-bet wider which makes it tougher.

      Do you think its a difference between zoom-game or regular 6-max?
      The zoom games are often tighter so probably you can open smaller and still get the folds?

      At lower limit, zoom-games is it possible to open with bigger sizing when you have a value-hand and smaller sizing when you have a speculative hand?

      I´m confused, help me.
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    • ethanol94
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      Imo that depend to the limit you play :

      NL2/5 - you should open 4BB @EP and 3BB @LP

      NL10/25/50/100 - you could open 3BB @any position and less than 3BB @BU depending on the situation (profiles of blinds players)
    • la55i
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      I open 2,5bb from BTN and SB and 3bb from other positions.

      If villain tends to fold way too much from blinds you can just start stealing 100% and do it with just 2bb. I'm not fan of 4bb open from EP but you can do it if you want to.
    • deephazard
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      I dont think that u should change ur raise. Use 1 size every time. 3BB or 2,5BB
    • LemOn36
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      And I don't think it matters much and results don't seem to change significantly on sizes used.
      And what's ideal depends on the opponents/population you're facing
    • MJPerry
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      I open 3x from UTG and MP, 2.5x from CO and 2x from BTN.

      I'll generally have a stronger range from earlier, which balances out playing OOP with a slightly inflated pot. The smaller LP sizing makes it cheaper to steal blinds and keeps pots small when I'm 3bet.

      Of course, this changes - with a big fish in the BB I'll happily open 4x from the button with a strong value hand.
    • YohanN7
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      I play like Perry, but I don't think anyone really knows. A few years ago people could routinely 4x on the button. If you 2x-ed back then your sexual preferences where questioned seriously and loudly.