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[RAZZ] Fold 6th street ?

    • bashhar
      Joined: 30.12.2011 Posts: 2,927
      Hi guys,

      I'd like an advise with this hand. This hand is four handed and bring-in is on my right.
      I got [6 9 7] with 7 visibile against a 6 and a 2, the bring-in is a queen.

      I decided to complete with my 9. I don't know if i could find a fold here because where four handed.

      The 6 called
      The 2 called

      *** 4th STREET ***
      Dealt to [6 9 7] [5]
      Dealt to [6] [5]
      Dealt to [2] [T]

      double check and i decided not to continue because the 65 is probably on a better draw.
      so i checked

      *** 5th STREET ***
      Dealt to [6 9 7 5] [8]
      Dealt to [6 5] [T]
      Dealt to [2 T] [A]

      I have a better hand now, so i bet
      double call ... oups !

      *** 6th STREET ***
      Dealt to [6 9 7 5 8] [J]
      Dealt to [6 5 T] [4]
      Dealt to [2 T A] [7]

      There is no way i have the better hand

      65 bet
      2T Called
      To call i have to draw better than 64 ... there's no way i can improve that much. Fold ??
      I called ( and i'm pretty sure it's a mistake )

      *** RIVER ***
      Dealt to [6 9 7 5 8 J] [2]
      65 bet
      2T called

      So i fold ... Do you think it's possible to play this hand another way ?
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    • Anykey444
      Joined: 05.02.2011 Posts: 489
      How it could be "double check" ?
      You could get only one check from 65, and you should bet here:
      -To get rid of 2T who is only 1 card behind and could easily catch up for free
      -To show strength to have fold equity on later streets.
      Don't forget
      - you are in a steal position.
      - In the air your opps are weak as they call (not raise) complete from a steal position

      But really all are players and images dependent
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,256
      Originally posted by Anykey444
      How it could be "double check" ?
      He means both players checked to him. Incidentally I would bet there as it's possible 65 has paired a downcard. If he check/raises, I'm folding.
    • badgerer
      Joined: 29.03.2010 Posts: 555
      i see no harm in raising 3rd. limping is a bit transparent your opponents will have a good idea what kind of hand strength you have, or rather don't have (unless you have established a balanced limping range).

      on 5th, you have the best hand but if one or more of your opponents has a solid draw they are a favourite. as played i would remain passive.

      i agree 6th street call is a mistake, you'll be drawing dead here almost all the time.