$215 Weekly PL Omaha H/L, $8K Gtd AQ22ds

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    • Kyyberi
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      Nasty spot as you are often playing for just a half of the pot as you don't have any low. In terms you are risking 2250 to win 725. I don't think opponent is ever raising here with just 23xx. He can't have the nutflush so he should have a full house and a low to raise here. I don't think Q7 raises you (at least it shouldn't).

      You also block deuces that makes his nut-low unlikely. He is repping Aces, and that would make sense. Aces without a low draw is not a 3bet hand.

      He has two combos of AQ and one AA, but given the price you have to pay compared to profit I would probably puke and fold here.