Triple or nothing

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    • CSB4Design
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      What site is this on?

      Is it 9 play top 3 get paid?
    • cannell555
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      Hi igyigyigy

      There is no scheduled coaching for these in the near future. However, if these SnG's carry on becoming even more popular, there may be a couple of "one off" coachings. When/If this time comes, there will be a news article with more details.

      Thankyou for your feedback,
    • dzejkej
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      triple or nothing on iPoker means 3 players play, 1st win 3x the buy-in

      I'm not playing it myself, if I want to play some SNGs, I preffer double up or nothing on iPoker (which are turbo) .. can multitable more, are easy to play and don't require big BR as the variance is low - and on lower buy-ins there is a lot of bad players so it is very profitable