Recently I stopped business with two partners. We couldn’t agree on te same vision. I wanted bigger. They wanted to be comfortable where they are. I still think the time I was with them in business, still has it’s positive impact. Give it two years and that business is back where it was before I joined. And this time they have no way out. On the side I already had a business of my own. And all that time I had a huge interest in poker, also on the side. All my life I took decisions other people around me frowned upon. I went from a depressing mindset to a very optimistic one. Purely because I wasn’t raised by optimistic parents. I’m very proud of my own progress. A mindset should be like described perfectly in Gordon’s book “Secrets of the Poker Millionair Mind”. That’s the mindset one needs to have. And it’s not about poker. It works on all aspects in life. I was sick of people always blaming their surroundings. (read former partners, parents, ex friends.)

Poker is fascinating. The incomplete information. How you should come to desicions. It truly is a respectable discipline. But I’m far from being a pro. I play around 10 years and had my ups-and-downs.. My main focus was with how to make a living, but nog in poker. Now I left the business I want to dedicate my time to become a poker player for a living. Before I couldn’t dedictate full time and that is, I think, the reason I couldn’t poker for a reasonable income. It was because my dedication was lying elsewhere.

In my two businesses I spoke coaches. I believe in coaching. They helped me come to the decision to get out of a situation that’s negative. So when I stopped in one business on 31-12-2015, and I came across an poker coaching it was obvious.

I’m looking forward to the program.