1 table vs multitable

    • ninjagaiden05
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      usually I play 2-3 SSS tables and 1 table SnG tournament.

      bcs SSS is mostly based on raise/reraise with quality hands I use most energy on SnG.

      But is this wrong?

      Usually I have alot of difficulty getting good reads when multitabling but this should not be a problem since SSS is wery much straight forward?
      (reraise 2x raise with KK+) and most others are fold situation when alot of action.

      also seems like most trash hands that raise with in SSS are automaticaly pot commited considering the stack:pot relation as long as first to bet and only one opponent at flop.
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    • darkonebg
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      Hi ninjagaiden05.
      Be sure to read the SSS articles and understand them well.
      Multitabling SSS is a must for every advancing player, but I would not mix it with any other type of play.its better to focus on one type of games and become really good at it.
      good luck.