rejoin a easy table on SSS?

    • ninjagaiden05
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      I believe it might be un ethical leave a easy/fishy table with 25BB and then rejoin it with 20BB? maybe even against poker rules?

      anyone know about this, once one finds a easy table is usually good to stay there but according SSS one should leave once at 25BB.

      also what about difficult tables, for me it takes some refilling up to 20BB before I feel it is a difficult table ev- or ofc it could also be bad luck(trash hands).
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    • Harold1
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      The poker room won't let u rejoin the same table w/ less than u left with, so u don't even have to worry bout that.
      Best to follow the rules leave w/25 and rebuy at 15 or if u don't like that table move to another.
      Set your filter to show them by largest pot and join those tables.
    • ellninjo
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      For example Mansion poker is going to let you reenter with 20BB after 45min or less ;) If the fish is still there jump in :) I play sometimes a 3300 hands per night and it happens so often: one table takes my 2-3 buy-ins before I live with 25BB :( Usually I don't notice that cause I am playing 7-8 tables, but when I do - I leave!