Coral Poker "Beat The Team" tournament bounty prize awarding problem (solved)

    • bbz003
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      I am affiliated through Pokerstrategy to Coral Poker so I am posting here and seeking for help.

      I played Beat The Team tournament (#868769436) where some players are bounties.

      I eliminated one of the bounties (nick CoralHelen) from the tournament in the folowing hand.
      I had 9694 chips, CoralHelen had 3393 and 853Yakuza had 2095.
      All players went all in preflop, so 853Yakuza couldn't eliminate CoralHelen because he had less chips (2095) than CoralHelen (3393).
      I made better hand on the river than CoralHelen and won the side pot of 2596 chips, therefore I eliminated CoralHelen from the tournament and bounty prize should have been awarded to me. I was the only player covering CoralHelen stack.

      IPoker, $5 Buy-in (100/200 blinds, 25 ante) No Limit Hold'em Tournament, 7 Players
      Hand #6861116333

      DedCoral33: 16,845 (84.2 bb)
      CoralHelen: 3,393 (17 bb)
      bhaktiman: 7,005 (35 bb)
      mikefreer2: 5,005 (25 bb)
      bbz000: 9,694 (48.5 bb)
      853Yakuza: 2,095 (10.5 bb)
      luckyuserr: 3,422 (17.1 bb)

      Preflop: bbz000 is with T 9
      2 folds, bbz000 raises to 400, 853Yakuza raises to 1,800, CoralHelen calls 1,600, bbz000 raises to 9,669 and is all-in, 853Yakuza calls 270 and is all-in, CoralHelen calls 1,568 and is all-in

      Flop: (9,081) K 9 8 (3 players, 3 are all-in)
      Turn: (9,081) J (3 players, 3 are all-in)
      River: (9,081) Q (3 players, 3 are all-in)

      Results:9,081 pot
      Final Board: K 9 8 J Q

      CoralHelen showed A Q and lost (-3,393 net)
      bbz000 mucked T 9 and won 2,596 (-797 net)
      853Yakuza showed T A and won 6,485 (4,390 net)

      Coral Poker stole bounty prize from me and support told me "No sorry , the other player won the whole hand so therefore it was them that knocked CoralHelen out not you." I am guessing Coral support is incompetent and doesn't understand poker at all.
      I hope for some help here or at least warn other players that Coral Poker are scammers.
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    • partane
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      It's true send them email again, maybe they will correct their mistake. It's as well true often Pokersite support doesn't understand this kind of things... You need to be little bit patient and try to communicate with them. I'm sure they are not "scamming" you on purpose.
    • tonypmm
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      Yeah, the bounty should be yours, gl with getting this resolved!

      On a side note, lol at Lucky User, a high volume €10 Twister reg, playing a cheap (for him) £5 MTT :f_biggrin:
    • Harrier88
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      Hi bbz003,

      The way I understand it, Coral's logic behind this decision seems to be that you did not win the main pot, therefore you are not considered the 'winner' of the hand, and therefore this does not qualify as 'busting' the player.

      The problem is that there is no official, clear-cut definition of what it means to 'bust' a player. They could argue that busting someone necessarily means 'taking all of their chips', which didn't occur in this example, but by that same logic, 853Yakuza wouldn't have busted them either, because he was only entitled to 2,095 of their stack.

      Your reasoning makes sense, but yet again, there is no official definition you could refer to back this up.

      I had a look at their Terms & Conditions, which didn't really clarify what happens in this kind of situation. They only have a rule for split pots (Rule 8: "If a bounty is eliminated in a split pot the player involved in the pot who has the most chips following the hand will be awarded the bounty."), but this would refer to pots where both players share the pot with an equally strong hand, not situations like this with a main pot and a sidepot.

      I guess you could contact Coral again and ask them to clarify their exact rules for these kind of situations.
    • CoralPoker
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      Sorry for this error and the issues you encountered getting this sorted via the normal customer service channels.

      We've credited your bounty prize.

      Hope to see you in the next tournament.


    • bbz003
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      First of all thank you everyone who responded to this thread.

      I took your advices to e-mail Coral again and asked for rules clarification. I got a response by their Poker Executive today and he admitted that a mistake was made:
      "Please accept my apologies for not paying your bounty last week. Yes you are correct, best hand didn’t have enough chips to knock out Coral Helen."

      I got awarded bounty prizes and some extra for compensation as well. So the issue got fully resolved.