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Now or Never!!!Plo 0–60k in 1 year!

    • ImAwesome1
      Joined: 12.01.2016 Posts: 6
      Hi, I am Michael I am 38 years old.
      The first time I played poker was over 20 years ago and we all played 5 card draw. (I bet some of you reading this aren't even 20 yet, lol). Started out playing with friends at my local Pool hall. Pool had been a big part of my life prior to poker. I never really got into poker back then as I loved playing pool so much. Cut a long story short 10 years ago I too caught the poker bug and things went from there. Started with MTT's and Sng's and transitioned over to cash games. Never really played a lot, more of a recreational player back then. Made a little money over the years but never really anything substantial.

      I consider myself a semi-pro now, the last few years been playing a lot more with moderate success. I made the jump to exclusively play PLO in 2014, I love PLO it is so much more fun to play compared to NL. Over the last few years I logged around 400k hands a year at PLO.
      I am a winner at plo20 and below but break-even/lose at plo50 and above. I have tried to move up and have played as high as plo100. Withdrawing money and life expenses etc yadayada I have not been able to break through to mid-stakes and beyond yet.

      My short term goals for poker:
      -I want to make 60K in my 1st year and reach the mid-stakes. If I can get to PLO 200-400 I'll be very very happy.
      -Have a 10k month within 1 year.
      -At least a 5bb/100 winner at all stakes.

      My long term goals:
      -Crush high stakes poker: I really want to play nosebleeds. Transitioning to live would be my next goal, taking on anyone and everyone that dares to play me! Bring it Phil, Patrick, Tom I really can't wait!
      -Win a bracelet. I have already made it out to Vegas once and played my very first NL tournament, the Monster Stack. Great experience.
      -Make a million.

      I will be documenting all of this. I will make weekly videos on youtube talking about my progress and how the last week has gone etc. I will also be blogging about my experience, really can't wait, things just got serious! Stay tuned.

      Signing out.
      Plo Noob soon to be Plo Baller!!!!
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    • ImAwesome1
      Joined: 12.01.2016 Posts: 6
      Just a quick update, received contract last night and everything seems fine. I am going to sign it and send it back today, once I get my printer working Windows 8 is such a pain, I’m updating to 10 and see if that helps. Then it’s time to crush skulls, hopefully! I will take this opportunity to wish everyone on this journey good luck and let’s all have a great year! Good luck at the tables everyone! (Unless you’re on my tables, ofc )
    • ImAwesome1
      Joined: 12.01.2016 Posts: 6
      The 10 rules:
    • ImAwesome1
      Joined: 12.01.2016 Posts: 6
      Morning all,

      Have just finished week one and all things considered I think it went really well. I have done more studying this week than probably all of last year combined, I have done a lot more work off the tables and so I actually expected things to go a lot worse, poker wise. I’m happy that I was able to maintain a high level of concentration throughout the week. It definitely showed in my results too, winning at 18bbEV/100 over 7300 hands. Of course this is still a very small sample and it could just be good variance but hopefully I will prove it’s not as I continue to rack up hands.

      I had set goals for the week and didn’t achieve any of them but as the saying goes “shoot for the moon and if you miss you are still among the stars”. I feel it’s the same with goals. I set goals for hours played, study, post/reply to hands and update blog. So how did I do, lets break it down below:

      Hours played: Goal 30. I played: 20 hours

      Hands played: Goal 10k. I played 7300 hands

      Study and mental game: Goal 10 hours. I put in 5 hours

      Blog, hands and equilab: Goal 10 hours. I put in 7 hours. Actually I don’t need more than 7 hours per week.

      Not bad but not even close to where I want to be. My goals are not even set that high, so I definitely need to improve in this area. Once I feel comfortable with these goals I plan to set even higher goals.

      My goals for this week are as follows:

      Play: 30 hours

      Hands: 10k

      Study: 7 hours

      Training Vids: 3 hours

      Blog, hands, equilab: 7 hours

      Total: 47 hours.

      My graph week 1:

    • ImAwesome1
      Joined: 12.01.2016 Posts: 6
      Afternoon folks,

      Week 2 has passed by and wow what a terrible week. Lost 24 Bi’s in one week. My EV wasn’t much better either at 17.5 Bi’s. I hit no less than 4 stop-losses during this 7 day period, not cool. I am not sure if I am playing bad or just getting variance whipped. I’ll be able to get a better idea in the coming weeks, I could have massive leaks in my game that need to be addressed. Leaks I can’t see by myself. I have given my hands to KasinoKrime hopefully he’ll be able to see if I am indeed leaking money.

      I learned some new stuff from PLO QuickPro and from the master Phil Galfond. I love watching his vids, his thought process is very unique.

      So how my goals go for the week?

      Played : 24 hours

      Hands : 8500

      Study : 7 hours

      Blog etc : 3 hours

      Hitting stoplosses early on in my sessions prevented me from hitting my hourly and hands goals.

      Going for more of the same for the coming week.

      Lastly my dreaded graph:
    • mol1824
      Joined: 10.06.2015 Posts: 18
      what stakes are you played?
      and what site?